Transcend to Showcase Latest Products & Technologies at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024


Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend®), a leading provider of storage and multimedia products, is thrilled to announce its participation in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 from June 4 to June 7 at Nangang Exhibition Center! This year, with a strategic focus on embedded solutions applications covering a wide range of industries, including AI vision system, 5G networking, traffic management, smart medicine, security surveillance, edge computing, EV charger, and casino gaming, Transcend will present its latest technologies and products at Booth I0617a, located on the 1st floor of Hall 1.

Exciting reveals are also expected to take place across our diverse consumer product range, including the all-new PCIe Gen 5 SSDs, CFexpress memory cards, new portable SSDs, body cameras, and dashcams. This underscores Transcend’s commitment to continue infusing intelligence into both industrial development and consumer applications. Most importantly, in response to growing ESG trends and in accordance with our own long-term sustainability goals, Transcend remains dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices throughout all areas of production. These implementations include developing energy-saving memory modules, minimizing product packaging, and adhering to ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and IECQ QC080000 standards. To align with COMPUTEX Taipei’s sustainable development initiatives, Trancend’s booth design utilizes a variety of recyclable materials and green plant layouts.


Key Highlights at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024

Highly Endurance Solution: SLC Mode

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, edge computing, and smart IoT necessitates efficient and stable storage solutions for industrial systems. Transcend's industrial-grade SLC Mode storage products feature exceptional read/write performance and superior durability, supporting embedded systems and write-intensive devices that operate around the clock. Cost-competitive and economically beneficial in the long-term, SLC Mode storage solutions are an ideal choice for use with industrial applications.


Power Loss Protection (PLP) & Data Encryption Technology

Transcend's Power Loss Protection (PLP) technology ensures SSD data integrity in situations of unstable power supply, while also enhancing the stability and reliability of data transmission. For applications which require enhanced data security or handling sensitive data, Transcend provides TCG Opal 2.0 encryption technology to help ensure data security of storage devices.


Conformal Coating & Corner Bond

Transcend provides Conformal Coating and Corner Bond for industrial-grade SSDs and DRAM modules to further enhance overall product reliability and durability. Conformal Coating helps to safeguard devices from various negative impacts such as moisture, dust, corrosion, and chemical pollutants as a result of usage in harsh environments, while Corner Bond helps to ensure stable operation under extreme operating conditions.


High-Performance Gaming SSDs & Portable SSDs

Transcend's all-new PCIe 5.0 ultra-fast SSDs provide up to 14GB/s of speed performance. They are tailor-made for gaming enthusiasts to allow for uninterrupted gaming sessions and to expand the extra storage capacity of various devices.
Transcend’s compact and lightweight portable SSDs offer powerful data transmission and compatibility with various devices for better convenience. Expanding your storage space has never been easier!


CFexpress Memory Card

Transcend's latest CFexpress 960 Type B memory card offers up to 3,500MB/s ultra-fast speeds and up to 320GB storage capacity, and allows for smooth 8K recording and uninterrupted burst shots, aptly meeting the rigorous demands of mirrorless cameras and cinema cameras. Transcend’s CFexpress memory cards have undergone stringent environmental testing so as to ensure excellent performance in different operating conditions and stability across temperature conditions ranging from -10°C to 70°C.


Body Cameras & Dashcams

Transcend's DrivePro Body body cameras feature high-sensitivity image sensors and incredible durability, which make them the ideal companions for military, law enforcement, and security personnel when in the line of duty. The brand-new DrivePro Body 70 is both IP68 & MIL-STD-810G 516.6 rated for extensive protection from the elements, and supports up to 9 hours of continuous recording on a single charge.
Transcend’s DrivePro dashcams capture high-resolution images day or night, ensuring clear footage in any lighting condition. With practical functions like emergency recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, and low power mode, they provide essential protection for drivers and scooter riders on the road.



Founded in 1981, COMPUTEX is the largest IT exhibition in Asia. With a huge variety of exhibitions, and countless devotees, thousands from around the world flock to Taiwan every year in order to get the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest technologies and products. This year, the event will feature a vast array of topics, not limited to HPC, AI applications, next-gen connectivity, hyperreality, innovations and startups, and even environmental sustainability.

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